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Education is a continuous process. Any person can continue his/her education at any level. After completion of the basic education the student should go for higher studies according to his/her aptitude.


We provide Attestation and Apostle for those who are taking Degrees through our scheme.


In Engineering we offer Diploma Engineering for 3 years, Advanced Certification for 2 Years and Certificate for 1 year. The basic education for these courses is a pass in the 10th standard.


Most of the Science Subjects except Mathematics are studied in regular course only. Bachelors Degree in Science or Masters Degree in Science is available as Regular Course and Credit Transfer for discontinued students.


Among Arts group languages and non scientific subjects are included. Arts subjects such as History, Economics, Politics, Sociology, English etc. can be studied in regular as well as correspondents or online, courses. Students who could not complete their studies can joint for our Bachelors Degree Courses as discontinued students.


Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Commerce are taught as Regular and District Courses. We offer both courses.


Our Values

Cost of Educations

Nowadays education is a costly affair and financially average and below average students cannot afford high grade education. There are Govt. or private schemes for scholarships to help these categories of the students. On the other hand World Eduvision support students with low fees and hours is the cheapest fees structure among educations.

Online Degree

World Eduvision help the students to get a degree Online Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree including MBA can be taken through Online Course and online Examinations.

Fastest Degree

World Eduvision support the students who could not finish their students who could not finish their studies within the specified time limit. So we help to finish degree very quickly. We have the fastest process for getting Degree Certificate.

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